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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Okay I know I know, You have all been intensely awaiting my return to my blog-spot, Well I been working on the railroad! Ha Ha not really but I have been very busy! With my birthday is coming this Friday, the opening of my online specialties shop
TS1trendsettaz (click pic link mid page to check it out!) and the regular day to day and the holiday celebrating, I must admit Ive been exhausted and a bit stressed but all in all Ive enjoyed every moment. So with that said I need to get some sleep and it will probably be next year, lmao, before I can really dig into my blog. Oh but don't fret I've got a ton of stuff to share with you guys & gals, from my pit bull puppy misadventures, To lifting minivans with my pinky toe! yeah I said it my pinky toe, as well as TS1 TRENDSETTAZ product updates from my new online shop, my music release and a whole lot more crazy, funny & interesting things that Ive been going through and the way I get through, over and around the obstacles as well as my intrinsik point of view on questions like "Is Knowledge a Burden?" and " and topics like the "Sharpie and the Pit Bull" Lmao! But for now check out my first blog if you haven't already, entitled"Food For Thought , listen to my music and visit the
TS1Trendsettaz Speaciaty shop! Have A Happy New Year Everybody! Good Will & Peace On Earth and in your hearts!