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Friday, December 19, 2008

Food For Thought

My First Blog....
It Tis the season... Well the season for what! Today I woke up sluggish as usual thinking about all the things I need to do, the things I don't want to do and better yet what I am physically and financially able to do and let me tell you it didn't add up to much. My car is outside with three bad tires one with a hole big enough to put my fist through. All 6 of my pets are inside and refusing to go outside because it has been rainy and cold for the last week. so that means an never ending "Poop Fest" The House is a wreck there are piles among piles of dirty clothes to be washed and even though there is food in the cupboard there is nothing I have a taste for and God forbid I am running out of cigarettes (a nasty habit i know) but it tis what it tis. bills to be paid and a backlog of design projects to complete and to top it all off writers block, so that means that finishing my music CD is on hold. Christmas is coming and not one gift has been purchased and not one flickering Christmas light lit or one ornament hung. I thought to myself, WTF! Christmas Sucks! My emotions spiralling thinking of all the people I had helped, people who owed me money etc. I thought about not getting out of bed at all. Not possible the puppies need to eat the older dogs need to be let out. And I'm hungry too! I got up did the regular routine went in the kitchen looking at the day before dishes and cringed "What the F.... I decidesd to start making breakfast for me and my mother for whom I am the caretaker. Lets see what to fix? How about eggs, Tennessee Pride sausage and some good old fashioned grits.Delicious I thought so I proceeded. Them I paused remembering something my high school Home Economics teacher had said " never start preparing a meal or eating a meal with a cluttered mind because you will have to eat whatever emotions you put into you meal!" So I did just that sat a moment gave thanks for the all those very things that caused me such angst earlier, even the "Poop fest" and with a clear head proceeded to prepare the breakfast. The eggs were light and fluffy to sausage to perfection and the grits were creamy and just how i liked them. the whole house smelled aromatic. I once again gave thanks served my mother breakfast in bed and started to dine myself. It was delicious, I had to be careful not to over indulge. I thought to myself ! I just ate a big bowl of gratitude and a plate full of hope and thanksgiving. How Precious a gift. I wonder how many more of these gifts can I give to myself and others. I guess that old saying you are what you eat is not just a saying after all. lol


  1. Mr Duke you are so creative and the humor in your otherwise serious blog abounds.

    Thank you for this entertaining post.

  2. Mr Duke,
    I was quite excited when I found a new follower on my blog this morning. What an introduction! You touched my soul. I live in gratitude also. We can always find something to be grateful for and to smile about. This morning I found it reading your blog. Thank You.

  3. Mr. Duke, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas today! I stumbled across your blog after visiting McKay K's blog this afternoon and I must say, I am IMPRESSED! The layout is awesome, your humor refreshing, the honesty in your words inspiring, and your dogs gorgeous. :) I look forward to reading your next post and wish you many more to come.